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hello everyone,
 my name is jenn I'm 26yrs old 5'1ish and currently 87lbs.
i have anorexia(I have not seen a doctor about it)
i am currently TRYING to recover but without medical help.
i just recently admitted it to my husband ONLY.
The other day I broke down and just told him everything before I only told him a lil
but now he knows it all.he is supportive about it all but he doesn't understand what is going
on in my head.

my kik  is jparodi

Speaking Out

Hello there!

I have been living with/recovering from/relapsing into/battling through eating disorders for about 9 years now, and the climb is always uphill, with freedom and life my final goal, and reward.  When I was 16 I spent four months as an in-patient being "treated" for anorexia in a place I likened (and still do) to hell on earth.  When I was (mercifully) released and trying to pick up the pieces of my life I began assembling my journal entries and other rants and turned them into a novel, which would now --5 years later-- be considered "semi-autobiographical".  

In the new year I will be attempting to find an agent/publisher for the book, entitled I Am Fat, and as I had heard many horror stories about young writers fighting for their unmarked manuscripts I began trying to think of ways to get my book noticed.  One way I thought of was to create a website, with some background info on me, the project, and featuring some sample sections of the larger work.  My hope is that people (preferably lots of people: know anyone who might be interested?) will comment on the site, with a few words about the book or even just why stories like these need to be told.

Because they do need to be told.  The general public needs to understand more fully what living with an eating disorder is like for real people, without judgement, without hollywood glitz or media frenzy.  And people who are suffering --people like you and me-- need to know, remember and hold on to the fact that we are not alone; sadly there is a vast community out there with the same problem, and perhaps together we can find the strength and will to come back to life.  After all, if you did not on some level believe this, you would not be in this group.   

If you could take just a few minutes to read a section or two, or even just to rant on my blog about E.D's and treatment, I would be so happy to hear from you. 

The link is:  https://sites.google.com/site/iamfatonline/Home

To leave a comment, please go to the Comments section and you will be linked back to my LJ account, to have your say.  So have your say!  Share!  I will gladly listen, and with your help perhaps a publisher will catch on to my book, and this one small story will urge others to listen also!  Never stop having your say.  

Thank you for your time! 

All the best and the brightest,


This is Me

Im madi, Im 15 and i have had a ED for 2 years (officially)
I have ednos previously ana and quickly going back that way =]
HW' 132
Lw; 114
Cw' 120
gw1' 110
UGW' 100

Feel free to message me, I love meeting new people
Madi xx
he loves me not
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New here...

I'm not quite anorexic, but I feel like i'm leaning in that direction. I don't eat lunch, nor do I eat breakfast, and sometimes I eat dinner, but not always. I don't want to fall into that becasue I'm a dancer, and I need my strength, but I'm nearly 5' 5" and I weigh about 89...can someone help me from becoming a full fledged anorexic?

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The Difference Blog

Men with anorexia

Today's post discusses gender roles as a risk factor for anorexia. Since anorexia is not one of my areas of expertise, I'm interested in hearing back from people who have actually experienced it. I'm especially interested in hearing from male anorexia survivors. Thanks

differenceblog is a daily feature on the study of gender differences
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hey all,

so i injured myself badly and cant exercise indefinately. i need adderal to get me through this...because i need to not eat to stay thin, because i cant burn calories. so, suggestions? how do you guys get it? anyone selling/know anyone selling or how to get it on the internet? i really need to help.this is such a horrible situation. thank you!